Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dishwasher Challenge

My dishwasher works now, but check out what happened...

On the weekend we received a safety notice for our dishwasher that the model we have has caught on fire when being used. 

Today, I called the 800 # for the company and got a message that the wait times are very long, it suggested people try the web site.  I went to the web site and when I tried to enter my e-mail address, as it asked I got an error message telling me to call the 800 #.  I called the 800# again, waited on hold for approx 40 minutes, spoke to a lady who confirmed that the dishwasher needs to be fixed... then she put me on hold, presumably to book the service call and when she went to pick the line back up, I got disconnected.

Now I am in a quandary, do I call again and how long will I be on hold this time and will I be disconnected again or do I try to contact someone local and see if they can book the appointment themselves...

Can't remember exactly how I finally got this resolved, but thank goodness it's working!

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