Monday, March 7, 2011

Recent Support "Call"

The other morning I had my first Support "Call" at about 8 am.  I was getting my computer turned on, etc., and my 5 year old daughter (who has been "helping" me do support since she was 4 months old) asked how to get into BUSTOPS.

I explained she needed to find the BUSTOPS icon on the desktop and then double click it.  Then she would see the main BUSTOPS screen.

It must have worked for her because she then came and "paid" me.

Hope you enjoyed my little story.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Steps for updating for 2011-2012

Today I thought I'd list the steps to be done once your students' grades are rolled up:

  • reassign students who will move to a new building to stops for that school
  • import or enter new kindergarteners
  • adjust routes for new students and remove stops without students
  • notify parents - through newspaper postings, letters or post cards
  • print new route packages for drivers - routes with riders, driving directions, route maps
Call for help with any of the steps as you need it.  Also, BUSTOPS can be used to create and customize all of the reports/posting information noted above.

If you have many students who change schools each year, you should make sure Eligibility Coding/Placement Lines are setup for your SD to cut down on the work needing to be done each spring.

Happy planning.