Monday, June 27, 2011

Additional Features of New Version

Here are some additional new features in the Bustops update that's available:

Route Path and Drive Directions Changes:
  • Changes have been made to the color settings options on the Modify Route Path
  • A detailed message about how to modify the path is presented in the modify window.
  • The Modify Route Path function has been simplified
  • Reset button allows the user to start over with the modification without leaving the screen
  • Done button saves your changes and returns to the main route analysis screen
  • Eliminated save messages
Driving directions have a new option to suppress directional entries when leaving a stop

Reports Changes:
  • Suppress printing of blank lines in driving directions
Mapping Changes:
  • Scanned paper maps or aerial photographs can be loaded in JPEG (.JPG) format, greatly reducing the memory required for this feature
Route Analysis Changes:
  • Sorting of the lists of Not Loaded Stops or All Stops has been improved
  • Rider count has been changed improve speed

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