Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mid-July Thoughts

Wow, time is flying and it's already mid-July.  Most of you are doing well -- being most of the way through your route planning for the 2011-2012 school year startup.

This means that you're almost ready to start printing Letters to Parents, Bus Passes, Postcards or sending information to the newspaper.  Then, you'll be printing the new routes to give to your drivers.

Don't forget ... before you start printing the reports, you should review some of them in the Preview screen and compare the information to the information in your students and stops database.  You may need to run update commands in BUSTOPS, depending on which fields you're using in your reports.

We love helping you by answering your questions and showing you how to use BUSTOPS, but it is your responsibility to ensure the information in your BUSTOPS program is correct; and that the reports are correct.

And, as always, don't wait until the last minute to print your reports.  Imagine how upset you'll be if your printer breaks or your network is down the day before you need the report.

Hope you're all enjoying the summer weather!

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