Monday, November 28, 2011

Automating Assigning Students

If you have more than a few hundred students who change schools each summer when you do your upgrade in Bustops and do not have Eligibility Coding setup in your data, you should consider having us help you do this.

The steps are:
  • draw in school attendance and walk boundaries
  • draw in group stop areas
  • code to the streets in each area, the school of attendance for the roads, grades at that school and the type of transportation students get from the street to that school
Once this is complete, when you assign students to their stops, Bustops will automatically designate the students' stop type, and retain the information of which stop the students on the street should get assigned to.

Having this information setup in Bustops can greatly decrease the number of students you need to individually assign or reassign to stops each summer.

To discuss how this would work for your school district and setup a GoToMeeting appointment give the office a call.

Have a great week!

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