Monday, March 19, 2012

Planning 2012-2013 Routes

Here are some of the steps that may need to be done to your Bustops data once a roll over has been done in Bustops or an import of students with their next years grades from your student administration system is completed:
  • reassign students who will move to a new building to stops for that school
  • import or enter new kindergarteners
  • adjust routes for new students and remove stops without students
  • notify parents - through newspaper postings, letters or post cards
  • print new route packages for drivers - routes with riders, driving directions, route maps
You may want to consider the timing of doing your upgrade.  If your kindergarten registration is in April you may want to wait to begin until after the new students are entered and the students grade rolled over in your student admin system, them import the info into BUSTOPS. 

Call for help with any of the steps as you need it or to discuss importing student data. Also, BUSTOPS can be used to create and customize all of the reports/posting information noted above.

Check to make sure Eligibility Coding/Placement Lines are setup for your SD if you have a lot of students who switch schools each year -- this can cut down on the work needing to be done each spring.

Time is quickly flying by - don't wait until the last minute to start planning.

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