Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Safe Guard Your Data

I wanted to remind everyone that you should periodically check with your School District's IT Department to make sure your BUSTOPS data is being backed up on a regular basis.

If the data is on a server, you need to make sure it is being backed up by the IT Department through their procedures.

If your BUSTOPS data is on the c drive of a computer in your office, you need to make sure you are backing it up on a regular basis yourself.  You can work with your IT Department to create a procedure to backup by copying the data to a server drive, a zip drive, or to CD or DVD, depending on their preference.

Regardless of where the data is saved, if it is lost and no current backup in available, it can be a lot of work to recreate the information.

As always, if you or your IT people wish to discuss this, give us a call.

Hope everyone is enjoying Spring so far!

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