Monday, August 12, 2013

Support Talk

It’s almost time to start school and you have your routes ready to go.  Before you do another thing, take a moment to review what you should do with your BUSTOPS program to save yourself from potential problems. 


The computer is your slave; you are not the slave to the computer. 

1.  Ensure the data is complete and print all reports needed. Think how upset you will be if your printer breaks or your network goes down the day before you need the report.

·         Before you start to print your letters or routes, you should review some of them in the Preview screen and compare the information to the information in your student and stops databases. 

·         Depending on the fields you are using in your reports, update commands within BUSTOPS may need to be run.

 2.  Keep a backup saved version of your BUSTOPS files.

 3.  Make last minute changes on paper:
There are always changes to be made.  Hand write your changes during start up on the paper reports.  Often times, changes are made and then those changes need to be reversed or changed again.  Save up your changes and input them in BUSTOPS shortly after school starts and things settle down.  This can save time and mistakes.

Following the above suggestions will decrease the rush to get things done, which in turn helps prevent problems.  With these pointers in mind, we wish you all the best in the new school year!

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